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Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series

Become a Real Estate Investor with Renatus Education

“Entrepreneurs are simply those who
understand that there is little difference
between obstacle and opportunity and are
able to turn both to their advantage”.

Opportunity – Set of circumstances that make
it possible to do something


Real Estate Investor and Representative of the
Real Estate Investing Educational Company Seeks
Attorneys Specializing in Real Estate, Taxation, Estate Planning

Architects, Surveyors, Builders, Contractors
Financial Planners – CFPs, Accountants – CPAs,
Engineers, Insurance, Mortgage Planners
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurs
Real Estate Investor Association Presidents

Who are interested / Have clients interested in
Building Personal Real Estate Portfolios
and or in making an extra
$5,000 a month P/T
$10,000 a month F/T
While learning what we do and helping us do it

Who are interested in learning about a
Real Estate Investing Educational Company
that can say with evidence
“Over 11 years, 6,000 deals later, we have a simple no-hype approach
to creating serious cash in Real Estate”

“We don’t just teach Real Estate Investing we create Real Estate Investors”


This is a Progressive Free 8 Part Video Series
introducing me and who I represent

It’s a “Platform” you can visit at your own convenience
It’s watching a Video On Demand instead of driving to a destination
It eliminates trying to coordinate conflicting schedules, fighting traffic

It’s attending a Live Seminar without leaving your
Personal / Work Environment
It’s getting access to your own private seminar

It’s for interested parties only
Who don’t know if they’re truly interested
Until Hearing, Listening and Watching

Just click on a link to view the next part in the series
And judge for yourself if this is for you
If you’re still interested and desire to take your interest
to the next level just keep progressing until the end, it’s that simple

Table of contents

***Please Note***

Access to the next video in the series becomes available when you’re
ready AND have viewed 90 % or more of the previous video

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 1

Real Estate Investment Course Video #1

The 2 Essential Ingredients Every Investor Needs BEFORE
PURCHASING Real Estate Investing Education

Bonus: 1. Authentic

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 2

Real Estate Investment Course Video #2

Who I represent, what we offer AND why it matters to you

Bonus: 1. Offering  Bonus:2. Not MLM

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 3

Real Estate Investment Course Video #3

Two Overviews

1. Pros / Cons Target Audience Real Estate Investors

2. Return on Investment

Bonus: CompStory

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 4

Real Estate Investment Course Video #4

Two Overviews

1. Pros / Cons Target Audience Marketers / Alphas

2. Doing Real Estate Investing / Education for right reasons

Bonus: Character

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 5

Real Estate Investing Course Video #5

Four Overviews

1. Challenged vs. Collaborative in Referring People

2. Understanding Fundamentals About This Business

3. Renatus’ Message To The Single Mom & The Millionaire

4. Selling vs. Serving

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 6

Real Estate Investment Course Video #6

Four Barriers To Entry Overviews:

1. It’s too good to be true / It’s too easy

2. It’s a get rich quick scheme / Not Possible / 2 people – 1 Price

3. Being rated # 1 / It’s just education

4. What are we afraid of / Preparing to deal / collaborate

Bonus: Testimonies

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 7

Real Estate Investing Course Video #7

Three overviews

1. Funding

2. Gurus

3. Real Estate Investor Associations

Free Progressive 8 Part Video Series – Video 8

Real Estate Investment Course Video #8

Five Overviews

1. The Law of Averages / Circumstances / Results / Actions

2. Attitude x Skills x Effort = Results

3. Positions

4. Being Brutally Honest

5. We all grow up

Free Progressive Recorded Webinars – Webinar 1


15 minute Briefing

Free Progressive Recorded Webinars – Webinar 2


90 minute Introduction

Free Progressive Recorded Webinars – Webinar 3


90 minute Follow Up

Why should I Watch this Series,
Collaborate with Renatus?

Let’s be honest, you could absolutely buy Real Estate as an investor on your
own, you could go out, get educated, become a real estate investor on your
own, but as of yet, what steps have you taken?

You could go the library, get the books, find a mentor, join some investor
clubs, even take classes, but have you?

What Renatus can do for you is

take everything from the CEO of the # 1 Real Estate Investing Educational
Company in the country and his hand picked group of instructors, who are
Certified Millionaires in Real Estate Investing and provide a learning
experience that not only captures their past and present knowledge but also
thru lifetime membership, captures their future knowledge and experience

They’ll teach and provide you the support you need to become a successful
Real Estate Investor in any market

We’ll provide you

with the support you need to become a successful real estate investor, a
community to plug into, a Real Estate Investing experience you’ll never get
anywhere else, more fulfilling than you’d get at a college and / or whatever
training is on the market today.

You can spend $100,000 + on a college education centering around
Finances, Real Estate, Business or I can show you how to get educated in
half the time, for a fraction of the cost and be on your way to true financial
independence. Renatus has known people who’ve spent $50,000 + on what
was claimed to be Real Estate Investing Education with support, who ended
up coming to Renatus without one property to show for it. They’ve since
enrolled in our program and started their Real Estate Investing journey

My story is simple, maybe even a little like yours.
I’ve been dreaming of becoming a Real Estate Investor for a long time and
was so tired of dreaming, I took the next step, come with me thru this 8 part
free video series and 3 live or recorded webinars to learn how Renatus can
save you years of learning and tens of thousands of dollars…and still help
you become the investor you’ve been dreaming about

Follow me through the doors

as I offer you a shortcut that can help you realize your dream of becoming a
true Real Estate Investor, get you the support you need so you’re not doing it
alone, help you focus so you’re not distracted everyday and let the dream
of being a Real Estate Investor flutter away.

Renatus has spent years of creating

this program for you to learn, they took everything they learned, simplifying
it down, amplifying the most important, brought in experts from around the
country, vetted them and hired them to instruct in specialized categories,
what they’ve done is put together a Real Estate Investing course with support, that will
move you closer to your goals, will it guarantee you become a success?

Of course not, if you want someone that’ll guarantee you become a
successful Real Estate Investor hire an investor and pay him millions of
dollars to devote his lost time to you. Since we both know that’s impractical
and not likely to happen why not look at more realistic options?

How about learning threefold, how to become a better you, a true Real
Estate Investor and how to succeed with the right people around you. Having
said that, I’d like to invite you to join me in this Free 8 part series, so you
can check me out, as you check out Renatusto see if this is your path to
becoming that investor you’ve wanted to be.

Ask yourself this ….. and be very honest…, have you been talking or
thinking about becoming a Real Estate Investor… for years? And you still
haven’t or are not as successful as you could be?

If so, it’s time to make a change

You don’t need to invest in expensive real estate investing programs, or
colleges, others have done it without them, they’re part of our team, they can
show you what’s behind those educational doors, let Renatus take the best of
what they know and help you be the investor that’s inside of you, give you
the support you need and help you stop putting that dream off until
tomorrow and start working on it today

See you in the videos!

Please don’t interpret any of this
as some sort of gimmick

Such as I’m going to give you something for free now
so you can pay me later, it’s a given
“Education cost money but not as much money as not being educated”

As promised, we’re always upfront and center – cost is mentioned in Video 2
What’s free, is getting the information delivered directly to you in your own
environment at your own convenience + getting it where you don’t even
have to spend money on gas, spend time in traffic or spend time adjusting
and fitting this knowledge into your schedule.

It’s intended only
for those interested in exploring

Real Estate Investing Education at it’s finest including but not limited to…
how to intelligently purchase it. We have valuable information for those
wanting to investigate and evaluate our education and opportunities
To determine if this is for them or for their clients;

We can show you how interested parties like yourself or your clients
have purchased our education, just by using the free training we provide in
the 3 webinars at the end of this series

So even if you’re unsure, how to get this education financed, we educate you
on the “how to” without breaking the bank, without getting yourself
or your clientele in financial trouble. Just by going thru portions of our
free training, all before making a commitment to purchase.

That’s what Investigating, Evaluating is all about…..isn’t it?

To be clear, this is only for those interested in being cautious, wise, frugal,
having high ethical, moral and legal standards. The average person, who
invests in any education or business, rarely gets the results they
think they deserve. Kind of like how the average person who buys home exercise
equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials. I don’t
know why that is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s true across the board.
Here’s the bottom line: this stuff is all hard it takes work and risk.

On top of that, almost nothing ever works right the first time; At least
not for me, anyway. You’ve got to stick with it. Think about it. If just
getting educated was easy, if business was easy, everybody would be rich.
So if you’re looking for a “magic pill” or an “easy button” that will make you
money, I’m not your guy and Renatus is not your ticket.
Better you know now than be disappointed later.
I’m here to help!